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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdossierdos‧si‧er /ˈdɒsieɪ $ ˈdɒːsjeɪ, ˈdɑː-/ noun [countable]  PGORECORDa set of papers containing detailed, usually secret information about a person or subject syn filedossier on A firm of detectives produced a dossier on his activities.
Examples from the Corpus
dossierOh, yes, a wonderful painting, but would you by any chance have a dossier on Meurent, the model?Recite my entire career history complete with qualifications, pay scale, dates of promotions and dossier of official merit-ratings and reprimands?The process passes into its second stage when the prosecutor submits his dossier to an examining magistrate.Manufacturers would be required to maintain dossiers in a standard format on each product, a measure designed to facilitate safety checks.I would be very pleased to show anyone my dossier of material on the Raven.It lists four cartons with specific headings and particular dossiers noted under each.Sefton councillors this week stripped the club of its entertainments licence after being handed a police dossier detailing violent and rowdy incidents.Assuming the dossier is genuine, is he a lone whistle-blower or is he a messenger?