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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmandarinman·da·rin /ˈmændərɪn/ noun [countable]  1 DF (also mandarin orange) a kind of small orange with skin that is easy to remove2 British EnglishPGO an important government official who people think has too much power Civil Service mandarins3 PGOan important government official in the former Chinese empire
Examples from the Corpus
mandarinGreat guy, Jim: the son of a mandarin.Male actors could not become mandarins, nor could actresses marry aristocrats.The frightened mandarins agreed to parley, but Le Lieur stalled, awaiting Montigny.The avenue ends with ferocious looking stone generals and solemn looking mandarins of various kinds.Today you have watched our mandarins banging their foreheads on the flagstones - but not for our emperor!Their hero was Ngo Quyen, a provincial mandarin.So the mandarins set about finding an alternative.Otherwise they will have barely tried life under Maastricht before their mandarins must start haggling again.