Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: occuper, from Latin occupare


oc‧cu‧py S3 W2 past tense and past participle occupied, present participle occupying, third person singular occupies [transitive]

stay in a place

to live or stay in a place:
He occupies the house without paying any rent.
The building was purchased and occupied by its new owners last year.

fill time

if something occupies you or your time, you are busy doing it:
Football occupies most of my leisure time.
occupy somebody with (doing) something
Only six percent of police time is occupied with criminal incidents.

control by force

PM to enter a place in a large group and keep control of it, especially by military force [↪ invade]:
an occupying army
Students occupied Sofia university on Monday.

fill space

to fill a particular amount of space:
Family photos occupied almost the entire wall.

occupy somebody's mind/thoughts/attention

if something occupies your mind etc, you think about that thing more than anything else [↪ preoccupy]:
Work will occupy your mind and help you forget about him.


to use something such as a room, seat, or bed:
Many patients who are occupying hospital beds could be transferred to other places.

official position

BOPGO to have an official position or job:
Before becoming prime minister, he had already occupied several cabinet posts.

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