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officialofficial2 ●●● S3 W2 adjective  1 PGOapproved of or done by someone in authority, especially the government an official investigation into the causes of the explosion the official policy on education official statistics about illegal drug use You will have to get official permission first. Finally the letter of appointment came, making it all official.2 BBrelating to or done as part of an important job or positionan official visit/engagement etc The president was leaving for a four-day official tour of Mexico. the Queen’s performance of official duties They dined in an official capacity with other European leaders. the Lord Mayor’s official residence3 PUBLIC/NOT PRIVATEan official explanation, account etc is one that is given formally and publicly, but may not be true Many doubted the official version of events. The official line (=what is said publicly by people in authority) was that the troops were there to protect the King.4 PGOchosen to represent someone or an organization, or do something for them the company’s official logo the official representative from the American administration5 PUBLIC/NOT PRIVATEan official event is a formal public event The official opening of the institute was in May.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: relating to or done as part of an important job or positionnounsan official visit/engagement etc (=one that relates to an important job or position)The prime minister was on an official visit to China.somebody's official duties (=the things someone does as part of their job or position)the royal family's official duties.an official residence (=a house someone is able to use as part of their important job)the ambassador's official residence in Londonsomebody's official capacity (=someone's official position or duty)He spent Wednesday in Washington acting in his official capacity as Senate majority leader.
Examples from the Corpus
officialThe news is not yet official.Unlike Soviet official art, the shadowy presence of western popular art has not been systematically documented.Nor have official bodies been able to ward off the most sinister threat.Senator Blake is here on official business.Their applications came complete with curricula vitae and official Discharge Certificates and Conduct Assessments.The official explanation for the crash was pilot error.The official explanation for the man's death was suicide.The truth is that not a single one of the official groups organising protests is planning violent action.But, as Air Force One took off for Washington, the response of his official hosts was somewhat colder.Mr Baker adopted the Henry V model for his official morale-boosting speech from the conference platform.the official opening of the new clinicYou have to get official permission for building in a conservation area.What's the government's official policy on drugs education in schools?The official procedure for obtaining a visa can turn into a bureaucratic nightmare.Most of the official records of the case were destroyed in a fire in 1965.Islam is the official religion of Saudi Arabia.In addition to a salary, most governors received perquisites such as transportation and an official residence.Visa is an official sponsor of the Winter Olympics.The newspaper claims she spent over £50,000 on an official trip to Australia.The First Lady will make an official visit to Haiti.The Umpires' Association had planned to table a motion giving an official vote of support for Lamb.official dutiesMost senators complain that their perpetual race for money distracts them from official duties.The privileges are supposed to cover mail sent as part of official duties.Thus school officials are protected for good-faith actions taken to fulfill their official duties.Not long after that meeting I was faced with a problem over my official duties and I urgently sought his advice.Eldrige devoted too much of his time to official duties and not enough to his family.What characterises bureaucracy is the rational and systematic way in which official duties are defined and distributed.Most of his official duties had entailed preparations for the annual fish fry.The manner in which coroners perform their official duties varies widely.official lineHe quickly established its critical reputation and the Institute became the focal point of specialist dissent from the official line.Is this Dunfermline's official line?Journalists too easily accept the official line.Or proof of energies undimmed, as says the official line.There were points of Government policy where I disagreed with the official line.The official line is that it remains Government policy never to comment on allegations of this nature.The volatility and their non-guaranteed status do not sit comfortably with the official line linking the two benefits.The official line on all this often sounds remarkably complacent.