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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpatriarchalpa‧tri‧arch‧al /ˌpeɪtriˈɑːkəl◂ $ -ˈɑːr-/ adjective  1 SSOPGOruled or controlled only by men a patriarchal society2 SSOPGOrelating to being a patriarch, or typical of a patriarchmatriarchal
Examples from the Corpus
patriarchalEven they, however, were not unaffected by patriarchal assumptions.patriarchal attitudespatriarchal authorityOn the one hand it would appear that they are less likely to be clearly subordinated to traditional patriarchal authority.Taking the patriarchal code literally, however, gives Kelly Flinn a free ride on coveting.They're young and poor and the patriarchal culture they inherit and the conspicuous consumption of their contemporaries sanctions their irresponsibility.Some patriarchal cultures have done exactly that.However, the organisational culture maintaining the patriarchal dividend still seems to be very much a reality.To many feminists, marriage is an inherently patriarchal institution.As the reporter just quoted noted, however, there are alternatives to the patriarchal model.It was patriarchal on account of its powerful family links, the long unbreakable ligatures of ancestor-worship.patriarchal societyThe article, instead, juxtaposes the practice with the important role played by women in that patriarchal society.The relationships between persons of which the bible tells are relations between people existing in a patriarchal society.Like women in patriarchal societies, Demeter is powerless to wage war against Olympus.The role of education in a patriarchal society is, therefore, to transmit a dominant ideology: that of masculine superiority.Many of these taboos derive from patriarchal societies taking the power of women and turning it on its head.Older women, who had never been much valued in a patriarchal society, were especially singled out for blame.It is an overwhelmingly patriarchal society, where women still curtsy to men.