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postpost2 ●●● S3 verb [transitive]  1 letter British EnglishTCMSEND to send a letter, package etc by post syn mail She’s just gone to post a letter.post something (off) to somebody Did you remember to post the card to my parents?post somebody something I posted Barry the cheque last Friday.2 post something through somebody’s door/letterbox3 jobPMPGOSEND if you are posted somewhere, your employer sends you to work there, usually for several yearsbe posted to France/London etc He joined the British Army and was posted to Germany.be posted abroad/overseas Grammar Post is usually passive in this meaning.4 public notice (also post up)PUT to put up a public notice about something on a wall or notice board The exam results were posted on the bulletin board yesterday.5 guardPMSEND to make someone be in a particular place in order to guard a building, check who enters or leaves a place, watch something etc syn station Guards were to be posted around nuclear power stations.6 keep somebody posted7 profit/loss etc especially American English to officially record and announce information about a company’s financial situation or a country’s economic situation Cisco Systems posted record profits and sales for the third fiscal quarter. 8 internet message to put a message or computer document on the Internet so that other people can see it Could you post those new flyers on David’s website?9 be posted missing10 post bail→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
postI mailed my dad a postcard from Alaska.It is being centred on the North- east, where the three explosive packages were posted.Information abounds - piste maps are dispensed beside lift queues, weather forecasts are posted everywhere and broadcast incessantly.They have posted guards at every door to make sure no one enters the building.I must remember to post Joey's birthday card.Sentries are being posted outside all government buildings.In the third quarter the company posted profits of $14.6 million.P 500 and the Nasdaq index posted similar advances.The trading losses were announced as Pier 1 posted strong sales.Picture yourself posting the letter, and feeling that it was a simple matter after all!If no journal is maintained, transactions would simply be posted to the ledger as they occurred.Tickets will be posted to you unless otherwise requested.Rangers have posted warnings at the entrance to the trails.post something (off) to somebodyPaul Bosvelt's cross to the near post appeared to be converted by Kluivert and was credited as such by the referee.Closed health posts will need to be reopened.The posts had to be two yards apart to support the net, which meant there were four hundred of them!Earlier, Craggs had kicked a penalty and then hit the post when attempting to convert Steve Towns' try.Preand post tour packages to New Orleans are also available.He was posted first to Reading, and was soon proving himself a soldier and horseman of rare incompetence.He's being posted out to the West Indies and he's asked her to marry him and go with him.This new software also lets you post documents to the World Wide Web.posted ... profits ... salesSanta Clara-based 3Com Corp. yesterday posted record profits and sales for the third fiscal quarter ended February 29.