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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquangoquan‧go /ˈkwæŋɡəʊ $ -ɡoʊ/ noun (plural quangos) [countable]  PGOan independent organization in Britain, started by the government but with its own legal powerssee thesaurus at organization
Examples from the Corpus
quangoMinisters must themselves address these problems and not leave so-called quangos to tackle the job for them.The development of semi-independent quangos was noted at the start of this chapter.The make-up of some of the most influential quangos is laid down in law, and would require more legislation to change.Exactly how many quangos exist is not known.Because of these various difficulties a count of quangos is beset with problems.Although these are legitimate grounds for unease, solutions are far from straight forward because of the diversity of quangos.For these reasons, if for no others, quangos seem unlikely to become extinct.In some cases Labour's quangos merge existing ones, or replace well-established bodies.