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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishqueenqueen1 /kwiːn/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 🔊 🔊 1 ruler (also Queen) a) PGOthe female ruler of a country → kingqueen of 🔊 Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt 🔊 Queen Elizabeth 🔊 At 18, Victoria was crowned queen (=officially became ruler). b) PGOthe wife of a king 🔊 the future queen2 cardDGC a playing card with a picture of a queen on it 🔊 the queen of diamonds3 → the queen of something4 competition American English the woman who wins a beauty competition, or who is chosen to represent a school, area etc 🔊 the carnival queen5 insectHBI a large female bee, ant etc, which lays the eggs for a whole group6 → queen bee7 homosexual taboo informalSYHOMOSEXUAL an offensive word for a male homosexual who behaves very like a woman. Do not use this word.8 chessDGB the most powerful piece in the game of chess → beauty queen, drag queenCOLLOCATIONSverbsbecome queenMary Tudor became queen in 1553.crown somebody queen (=officially make someone queen)The next day she was crowned Queen of England.a queen rules/reigns (=is in charge of a country)Queen Victoria reigned for over 60 years.a queen abdicates (=gives up the position of being queen)The Queen is unlikely to abdicate.phrasesthe reign of Queen Elizabeth/Victoria etc (=when Elizabeth etc was queen)She was born in the reign of Queen Victoria.Her Majesty the Queen (=used when talking about a queen)Her Majesty the Queen will be visiting Australia in July.
Examples from the Corpus
queen• I fancy you like a queen - a princess rather - in all those flowers.• the King and Queen of Belgium• Self-confident, individualistic, indomitable and highly respected, they used to be the kings and queens of photography.• Later on we've greener greens and beauty queens.• Elizabeth II became Queen of England in 1952.• Cooper is a former B-movie queen.• a new biography of Queen Elizabeth• The Kamiz material was called Rathkirani or queen of the night.• All the surfaces were bare apart from a seventeenth-century bronze statue of Theseus abducting Antiope, the queen of the Amazons.• The queen can choose the sex of her progeny.• The queen was grief-stricken at his death.• The queen, preoccupied, sent him away, but was prevailed upon to reinvite the captain.• the Queen of Sweden• the queen of the Kalispell County Fair