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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishred tapeˌred ˈtape noun [uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š PGOCOMPLICATEDofficial rules that seem unnecessary and prevent things from being done quickly and easily β†’ bureaucracy πŸ”Š a procedure surrounded by bureaucracy and red tape πŸ”Š The new rules should help cut the red tape for farmers.
Examples from the Corpus
red tapeβ€’ All the bureaucratic disclosures and red tape in the country can not offset either.β€’ There are regulations, laws and red tape.β€’ But red tape is not the only or even the main problem.β€’ It talks about only another layer of government and more red tape and state control, not less.β€’ Richard Pombo, R-Calif., who sponsored the guest worker amendment, said the current program involves too much red tape.β€’ Many blame Britain's decline on too much red tape.β€’ Former rally driver Jean Denton is battling to reduce red tape and bureaucratic burdens on small firms and start-ups.β€’ U.S. companies fear the red tape will scare off customers.β€’ What annoyed me most was the red tape.