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whipwhip2 noun  1 whip.jpg [countable]HIT a long thin piece of rope or leather with a handle, that you hit animals with to make them move or that you hit someone with to punish them The coachman cracked his whip and the carriage lurched forward.2 [countable]PGPPGO a member of the US Congress or the British Parliament who is responsible for making sure that the members of their party attend and vote3 [countable]PGP a written order sent to members of the British Parliament telling them when and how to vote three-line whip4 [countable, uncountable] British EnglishDFF a sweet dish made from the white part of eggs and chocolate or fruit, beaten together to make a smooth light mixture pineapple whip5 have the whip hand crack the whip at crack1(15), → give somebody a fair crack of the whip at fair1(9)
Examples from the Corpus
whipThe soldier is closer, his boots crush the stubble, his whip splits the air.He dragged on the reins and drew the buggy around, flaying the horse with his whip.On February 22, Dawson and the others cracked the whip and the vote poured out.Katharine tickled Benji with the whip to keep the activity and the bend until he was back on the track.These whips dictated not only the shape but also the size of the boxing ring.Outside, there was arm-twisting and heavy pressure as the Tory whips rounded on potential rebels.So they sent in four coachmen who stood with whips extended between them to hold back the mob.cracked ... whipJoe grinned, cracked a playful whip and lightly tweaked the reins.Organised a seven-million guarantee. Cracked the whip in the City.On February 22, Dawson and the others cracked the whip and the vote poured out.She cracked her whip and he responded.