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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreflectionre‧flec‧tion /rɪˈflekʃən/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [countable]HPO an image that you can see in a mirror, glass, or water Can you see your reflection in the glass?2 [countable, uncountable]IDEA careful thought, or an idea or opinion based on this A moment’s reflection will show the stupidity of this argument.on/upon reflection At first I disagreed, but on reflection (=after thinking carefully about it), I realized she was right.3 [countable]SHOW/BE A SIGN OF something that shows what something else is like, or that is a sign of a particular situationreflection of His speech was an accurate reflection of the public mood.be a reflection on somebody/something (=show how good or bad someone or something is) On some level, a student’s grades are a reflection on the teacher.4 [uncountable]REFLECT the action or process of light, heat, or sound being thrown back from a surfaceCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: something that shows what something else is like, or that is a sign of a particular situationadjectivesan accurate/true reflectionThese reports were not an accurate reflection of existing attitudes.a fair reflection (=reasonable and right)The score was 4 – 1, which was a fair reflection of the difference between the sides.a direct reflectionThe child’s behaviour is a direct reflection of its parents' behaviour.a sad reflectionThis situation is a sad reflection on society.a pale reflection (=similar to, but not as good as, something else)The film is only a pale reflection of the book.
Examples from the Corpus
reflectionThe contrasting images which survive of Osred are probably a reflection of the increasing divisions within the Northumbrian kingdom at this time.a reflection of the moon on the surface of the lakeIt is not just an automatic reflection of gender.Many working women have little time for reflection.Whether they liked him or not, Johnson was an awfully good reflection on them.Anna stood looking at her reflection in the mirror.A third way, called an endoscope, uses the principle of total internal reflection which we saw in the demonstration.Methods of controlling expenses are a mere reflection of the levels of trust in an organization.I could see my reflection in his glasses.The full bright moon and the reflection of the snow made a mockery of the night.the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lakeA moment’s reflectionWhat would be the consequence of that? A moment's reflection will show that it would make private members more independent.reflection ofThe amount you tip should be a reflection of the kind of service you got.