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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreflectivere‧flec‧tive /rɪˈflektɪv/ adjective  1 REFLECTa reflective surface reflects light Stick reflective tape on your school bag.2 THINK ABOUTthinking quietly about something She was in a reflective mood.3 showing that something is true about a situationreflective of TV is reflective of society’s more liberal views on sex.reflectively adverbreflectiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
reflectiveThe alloy, when polished, is highly reflective.a reflective and soft-spoken manShe looked at me with a reflective, appraising look.It's important to wear special reflective clothing when riding a bike.Survival bags are made of reflective material to prevent heat loss.Its special factors should be recognised and it should have a regional banding system more reflective of its house prices.The reflective process often involves work in other curriculum areas, be it discussion, writing, artwork, computer programming.The work crews and engineers stand in clusters, their yellow reflective safety jackets glowing eerily amid the dusky floodlighting.The confined space and the many hard, reflective surfaces make a car interior perhaps the ultimate challenge for audio designers.Bicyclists should wear reflective vests at night.