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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchairpersonchair‧per‧son /ˈtʃeəˌpɜːsən $ ˈtʃerˌpɜːr-/ noun (plural chairpersons) [countable]  SSOsomeone who is in charge of a meeting or directs the work of a committee or organization
Examples from the Corpus
chairpersonThey direct and coordinate activities of deans of individual colleges and chairpersons of academic departments.Academic deans and chairpersons usually have a doctorate in their specialty.The Lydende Party vehemently opposed the committee chairperson, partly as a consequence of longstanding family feuds.A nine-member group, elected by the other students, is called together by its chairperson, Sherri.This could only be achieved through the support of the chairperson and headteacher.Who is on them, who is their chairperson, and to whom do they report?References to chairpersons and spokeswomen no longer excite much comment.