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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfundfund1 /fʌnd/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun  1 MONEY[countable] an amount of money that is collected and kept for a particular purpose The fund was set up to try to save the cathedral.pension/investment/memorial etc fund funding, trust fund2 funds3 SSO[singular] an organization that collects money, for example to help people who are ill, old etccharity We give to the Children’s Fund every Christmas.4 a fund of something5 in fundsCOLLOCATIONSverbsset up/establish a fundThey have set up a fund to build a memorial to all those who died.manage/administer a fundThe fund is managed by an investment company.launch a fund (=start it)They plan to launch an investment fund by raising $40m from investors.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + funda trust fund (=money that belongs to one person, but is controlled by another)Proceeds from the sale of the house will go into a trust fund for the children. a pension fund (=for paying pensions)the country’s largest private pension fundan investment fund (=for buying shares, property, etc in order to make a profit)The building is currently owned by Argo Partnership, a Toronto-based investment fund.a campaign fund (=for helping a political party or person to get elected)These social events help to raise campaign funds.a memorial fund (=for remembering the life of someone who has died)The work is being paid for out of the memorial fund launched after Morris’s death.a benevolent/charitable fund (=for giving help to poor people)He contributed the sum of £1,500 to the benevolent fund.an appeal fund (=money collected to help people who are in a very bad situation)The appeal fund has now reached £65,000.
Examples from the Corpus
fundThe government agreed to create a fund to help develop rural areas.They used this money to set up a fund for the refugees.Supporters have set up an appeal fund to help Peter fight the case.Tell us, Gillian, how much do you have in the appeal fund now?A total of $5,800 in church funds has been used to provide assistance to local people.Finally, we have noted that other constitutional provisions may provide an independent bar to the conditional grant of federal funds.The same is true, to some extent, with hedge funds.The Government have given themselves a permanent contributions holiday by no longer making an Exchequer contribution to the national insurance fund.The big mutual fund suffered late last year from the same mistakes that hurt the hedge fund.More than 100 offshore funds pay an income in sterling.The hand-sewn quilts will be sold at a Christmas Craft Fair to raise funds for the arts project.The event was held to raise funds to promote AIDS awareness among young gays.The event was to raise funds for the coordinated campaign of California Democrats.All the money raised will be donated to the Cancer Research Fund.New York's Inner City Scholarship Fund pays the college fees of students from poorer families.The New Children's Shelter Fund received a grant of $80,000.He is on trial for accepting kickbacks from business moguls to build his slush fund.There's a special fund you can apply to, that pays for blind students to go to university.That is the private opportunity cost of the funds tied up in the project.A considerable part of these funds was passed on as dinar loans to domestic enterprises.If I'm successful in raising over £500, those funds will go to the Bible School.