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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinstitutein‧sti‧tute1 /ˈɪnstɪtjuːt $ -tuːt/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable]  SSOORGANIZATIONan organization that has a particular purpose such as scientific or educational work, or the building where this organization is basedacademy research institutesinstitute of/for the Institute for Space Studies
Examples from the Corpus
institutethe Academy of Arts Institutethe National Cancer InstituteIn Manchester, the Church of All Saints across the road was reduced to rubble, whilst the deaf institute remained unscathed.My colleague is a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Contributions were slow in coming, and it was not until 1887 that the new institute was opened by H.R.H.Where the new institute will get its sperm remains undecided.Hypercholecystokininaemia after enterectomy was reported by Lilja etal in 1983 and confirmed at our institute the following year.I now head a public policy institute at Southern Illinois University, and I raise money for that institute.Her work experience has been various, including that of Director of an environmental research institute.The work was carried out by the Silsoe Research Institute in Bedfordshire.She attended only a teachers' institute, then taught in a village school.Lake should be forthright in discussing his association with the institute.institute of/forSome one pointed out that there was no adult institute for further education in Northern Ireland.Open Learning would be extremely useful to chemists unable to attend or travel to an institute of higher education.They are to lose control of polytechnics and institutes of higher education.Terms of cash on delivery or advance payment should be instituted for future sales to consistently delinquent accounts.The first workshop, devised by and of Dundee institute of Technology, dealt with the course design and documentation.And Cal is a revered institute of higher learning.Later, so-called locality pay was instituted for other high-cost big cities.If he will forgive me he is rather like a graduate from the Shirley Williams institute for the caring and compassionate politician.