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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrealignre‧a‧lign /ˌriːəˈlaɪn/ verb [transitive]  1 PPGSSOto change the way in which something is organized syn reorganize The company is planning to realign its sales operations.2 realign yourself with somebody3 ARRANGE A GROUP OF THINGS OR PEOPLEto change the position of something slightly so that it is in the correct position in relation to something else You’ll have to realign your text columns.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
realignTeams are now realigned according to players' ages.I indicated how the weight should be realigned, how the luggage should be lashed.I needed to realign my life, it said, not just my putt or my drive.Tchuruk said the company would have to realign operations in all its units, slashing several hundred jobs.When the latter were realigned or made anew they often met the earlier roads at a sharp angle on the parish boundaries.Osteopathy uses massage and gentle manipulation to soften and realign the body.Center developers say they haven't decided for sure to destroy the waterfall and realign the creek 150 feet to the north.The physiotherapists also worked to relieve his shoulder pain and realign the joint.You'll have to realign your text columns if you change the typeface.