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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishregistryre‧gis‧try /ˈredʒəstri/ noun (plural registries) [countable]  1 SSORECORDa place where information used by an organization is kept, especially official records or lists2 British English technical used when saying where something, especially a ship, is officially registered the registry of the vessel
Examples from the Corpus
registryA registry of these applications for cimetidine use during 1977-81 is available.the bridal registry at Robinson's Department StoreThe researchers used a cancer registry and found that 419 were diagnosed with stomach cancer by 1992.Moreover, a central registry of convictions is kept to enable the Office of Fair Trading to identify businesses for possible action.The case will be heard in the Newcastle District registry on March 5.Defense Department data show that about 35,884 active-duty soldiers have signed up on its Gulf War medical registry.There is no registry for providing data on a national scale.The name and port of registry were applied in gold leaf.ships of U.S. registryIf the registry manager wants to invest in new equipment or more clerks, he has to convince the legislature.the Registry of Motor Vehicles