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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreshufflere‧shuffle /riːˈʃʌfəl, ˈriːʃʌfəl/ noun [countable] especially British English  PGOSSOwhen the jobs of people who work in an organization are changed around, especially in a government syn reorganize a Cabinet reshufflereshuffle /ˌriːˈʃʌfəl/ verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
reshuffleThe £500,000 deal taking David Kerslake to Leeds went through this morning, so there has to be a reshuffle.This Cabinet was itself subject to a reshuffle on Sept. 17.On Feb. 26 Compaore announced a major Cabinet reshuffle.Major policy changes are expected from the corporate reshuffle.The military reshuffle carried out in October and November was largely aimed at removing officers who had close links with the Yangs.Gloucester's major acquisitions in the reshuffle of 1471 lay in the north.I was asked my views on the reshuffle.Mr Major has let it be known privately that the chancellor will not be moved in the New Year reshuffle.Cabinet reshuffleCabinet reshuffle A Cabinet reshuffle was announced on Nov. 13.Cabinet changes in 1990-91 President Gayoom carried out a Cabinet reshuffle on May 30,1990.He followed his re-election with a Cabinet reshuffle designed to strengthen support within the government for his market-oriented economic reforms.His faltering authority was demonstrated in December when an extensive Cabinet reshuffle was forced upon him by factional leaders.The Cabinet reshuffle was less radical than some Tories had expected.