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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunorganizedun‧or‧ga‧nized (also unorganised British English) /ʌnˈɔːɡənaɪzd $ -ˈɔːr-/ adjective  1 SSOORGANIZATION#disorganized2 people who are unorganized do not have an organization, union, group etc to help or support them
Examples from the Corpus
unorganizedGrievances were felt particularly strongly by migrant workers who bore the brunt of the hardship because they were almost completely unorganized.To a large extent, these racially motivated attacks will be random, spontaneous and unorganized.Little problem had been expected from that workforce: it was young, unorganized and naive.In addition to unorganized individual and mob action, the Klan continued to foment racial violence.Often the workers were unorganized, or organized only weakly.