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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrosswordcross‧word /ˈkrɒswɜːd $ ˈkrɒːswɜːrd/ ●●○ (also crossword puzzle) noun [countable]  DGOa word game in which you write the answers to questions in a pattern of numbered boxes I like to sit down and do the crossword.
Examples from the Corpus
crosswordIt has taken 28 more years to add a crossword puzzle.Up until now, Morse's only known passions were for opera, beer and crosswords.Darby was a cheerfully relaxed young man who compiled cryptic crosswords for a monthly magazine in his spare time.You can make up simple, large crossword puzzles for the patient to solve.She left her book of crossword puzzles folded open on the kitchen counter.I listen to a brief passage from one of the Brandenburg concertos and work on the Times crossword.All around the room, trainees put down their New York Times crossword puzzles.It is the brian-child of Barbara Hall who can fairly claim to be the most versatile crossword compiler in the business.do ... crosswordDoyle was frowning down at yesterday's paper, pretending to do the crossword.I sit on a bench and re-read the morning paper, and try to do the crossword in my head.