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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_071_adominodom‧i‧no /ˈdɒmənəʊ $ ˈdɑːmənoʊ/ noun (plural dominoes)  1 domino.jpg [countable]DGO one of a set of small flat pieces of wood, plastic etc, with different numbers of spots, used for playing a game2 dominoes3 domino effect
Examples from the Corpus
dominoIt started a domino effect which exists even today.A domino game was cut short when one of the players clawed his jacket to shreds trying to ward off the spiders.There will also be a bring and buy and a session of bag dominoes.Like a row of cascading dominoes, scandal followed scandal.But things almost instantly began falling like dominoes.But lately, lots of white guys have been trying to play dominoes.A hundred men were crowded into a little corner park, playing dominoes and cards.