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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhide-and-seekˌhide-and-ˈseek (also hide-and-go-seek American English) noun [uncountable]  DGOa children’s game in which one player shuts their eyes while the others hide, and then goes to look for them
Examples from the Corpus
hide-and-seekOne is a realistic, pitch-dark forest of oaks - an ideal place for hide-and-seek in almost treeless Venice.Bagca doesn't know it, but her hide-and-seek lesson has a serious purpose.I was the one in hide-and-seek that you never came looking for and I hid for hours from no-one ...Toddlers were playing hide-and-seek in and out of the sand-pit; two little girls were cooking pebbles on a Fisher-Price cooker.And then he'd suggest hide-and-seek.Scientists are still trying to figure out the mechanism for the viral hide-and-seek.