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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharcherar‧cher /ˈɑːtʃə $ ˈɑːrtʃər/ noun [countable]  DSOPMAsomeone who shoots arrows from a bow
Examples from the Corpus
archerOpposite An archer fish achieves a direct hit.An archer with the guttural accent of a native of Reikwald forest agreed with the fanatic.The half-man, half-horse archer, symbol of Sagittarius, would certainly be appropriate, Luce thought.The fountain's archer is one of the city's top attractions, a status that baffles all who live here.A nomination: Scottsdale archer Judi Adams.You look at the archers and go so what?And now the archers were shooting at will, selecting their targets where they best offered, without haste and without respite.Five of us, and a dozen of them, with cudgels and daggers, and two archers among them.