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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbadmintonbad‧min‧ton /ˈbædmɪntən/ noun [uncountable]  badminton.jpg DSOa game that is similar to tennis but played with a shuttlecock (=small feathered object) instead of a ball
Examples from the Corpus
badmintonAt Wolverhampton the carriage had all but emptied, leaving only a sleeping woman cradling a badminton racket.And I defy any of you to think of an amusing sign-off joke involving Nick Cave and badminton.Baseball, badminton, golf, swimming or camping, or backpacking, or fishing.At its best, badminton has been proven to be more demanding, faster and requiring more agility than tennis.The parent demand function is concerned with the consumer's decision to take part in badminton or not.Welcome to the world of badminton.So the Center Parcs leisure experience includes playing badminton, squash or tennis wreathed in the fog of a hundred Silk Cuts.I know it was only the badminton club doubles competition.