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bagbag2 verb (bagged, bagging) [transitive]  1 PUTto put things into bags He got a job bagging groceries.2 informalGET to manage to get something that a lot of people want Try to bag a couple of seats at the front.3 British English informal to score a goal or a point in sport Larsson bagged his thirtieth goal of the season in Celtic’s win.4 especially British English informalDSO to kill or catch an animal or bird We bagged a rabbit.5 be bagged and zip-tied bag something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bagMahela's deft little cutters and seam-up varieties could bag a few back-up wickets too.Sounding sweet and nice bagged Alexander third place in the Iowa vote.Julie Gold bagged the top songwriter's award.But are they going to bag the whole idea?I'm tired of waiting. Bag this - I'm leaving.