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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_364_hbasketballbas‧ket‧ball /ˈbɑːskətbɔːl $ ˈbæskətbɒːl/ ●●● S3 noun  1 DSO[uncountable] a game played indoors between two teams of five players, in which each team tries to win points by throwing a ball through a net2 [countable] the ball used in this game
Examples from the Corpus
basketballSports were very important to the father, who himself had played football and basketball and had run track in high school.And bad basketball without drama and suspense is not only beyond embarrassing, but even worse, beyond boring.Attendance is better than 21,000 a game in the SkyDome, a cavernous building unsuited for basketball.He said he voted against the crime bill because it included items he opposed, such as midnight basketball programs.That team camaraderie is probably why I had played basketball so long.It would take six basketball teams to balance the number of scholarships awarded one football team.A large, blue divider splits the gym at the Higgins Middle School into two basketball courts.This led to a full-time position as coach of the Girls' varsity basketball team.