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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbirdiebird‧ie1 /ˈbɜːdi $ ˈbɜːrdi/ noun [countable]  1 spokenHBB a word meaning a little bird, used especially by or to children2 DSGin golf, a score that is one less than par3 American EnglishDSO a small object with feathers that you hit across the net in a game of badminton syn shuttlecock British English
Examples from the Corpus
birdieThere, Leonard recorded a birdie and Mickelson had a 3-putt bogey.Woods, sensing blood, hit a fantastic second from 149 yards that almost went in, leaving him a gimme birdie.It started that great birdie run by Lee.But Irwin missed his birdie attempt and Morgan tapped in a bogey to win.But Jacklin was still in a position to make birdie, about 12 feet away.Do you think he smiled after the birdie?He had talked Walker into it, and she holed the birdie putt.