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bitebite2 ●●● S3 noun  1 WITH YOUR TEETHusing teeth [countable]BITE the act of cutting or crushing something with your teeth Antonio devoured half his burger in one bite.take/have a bite (of something/out of something) She picked up the sandwich and took a bite. Can I have a bite of your apple?give somebody a bite Some fish can give you a nasty bite. Her body was covered in bite marks.2 WOUNDwound [countable]MIBITE a small hole made where an animal or insect has bitten yousnake/ant etc bitebite of The infection is passed by the bite of a mosquito.3 a bite (to eat)4 TASTEtaste [uncountable]CT a pleasantly sharp taste Goat’s cheese adds extra bite to any pasta dish.5 COLDcold [singular]DNCOLD a feeling of coldness There was no mistaking the approach of winter; he could feel its bite.6 EFFECTIVENESSstrong effect [uncountable]EFFECTIVE a special quality in a performance, piece of writing etc that makes its arguments very effective and likely to persuade people The film gains incisive bite from Sellers’ performance as the union chief. 7 FISHfish [countable]DSO when a fish takes the food from a hook Sometimes I sit for hours and never get a bite.8 another/a second bite at the cherry9 jaw [countable usually singular] technical the way that a person or animal’s top and bottom teeth touch when their mouth is closed Our dentist said that Emmy should wear a brace to improve her bite. love bite, sound bite, → somebody’s bark is worse than their bite at bark2(4)
Examples from the Corpus
biteWould he care to stay on for a bite to eat?Sometimes I sit for hours and never get a bite.We'll have a bite then go into town.The state will be taking a bite out of money earned from local traffic ticketsThe barbecue sauce lacked heat and bite.Animal bites should be treated immediately.His bee bite, he noticed, was finally gone.Profits of the Bisto-to-Mr-Kipling-cakes giant have nose-dived from £150m to just over £92m with big bites taken out of both bread and cakes.Press harder and it becomes obvious that front-end bite and turn-in are actually very good.Despite appearances, its bark is definitely worse than its bite.We woke up to find ourselves covered in mosquito bites.One bite of coffee cake that tasted like a syrupy old sponge and they knew better the next time.There's just time for a quick bite to eat before the film begins.He now takes bites from his lunch between smokes.You can get Lyme disease from a tick bite.After two bites I realised the apple was rotten.a protest song with bite and witgive somebody a biteThey can give a nasty bite.Don't try to pet the parrot - he could give you a really nasty bite.Perhaps the rumours of a final trial along these lines might give extra bite to the occasion.You may reject tarantulas, in favour of otters, even though both are capable of giving a good bite.As she walked down the corridor, she gave it that bit extra.snake/ant etc biteAfter half an hour or so, spent scratching mosquito bites, I head over to see him.Especially in children who get mosquito bites which become large and irritating.I asked Make-Up to give him a few mosquito bites but he refused point-blank.My legs were covered in mosquito bites.Their plight made me feel rather guilty about my concern over the mosquito bites on my face.Human deaths from snake bites are caused mainly by accident.In his magazine, he published formulas for animal manures and prescriptions for the cure of snake bites and malaria.In spite of all we could do, several snakes died as a result of the ant bites.get ... biteHis friend got bitten by a snake that was meant for Ray.I got bitten by a rat.Males that misread the body and facial postures of a potential mate get bitten or kicked.Chubby, bubbly jazzman Fats Waller was among the first to really get bitten by the London bug.We got bitten by small animals, by snakes.If you get bitten by a spider and have these symptoms, call the doctor.The more you get bitten, the stronger the allergic reaction.