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castcast2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 ACTORSAPACTOR/ACTRESSactors all the people who perform in a play, film etccast of Films like ‘Ben Hur’ have a cast of thousands. the entire cast of ‘Les Misérables’ an all-star cast a strong supporting cast (=everyone except the main actors) a member of the cast2 ON YOUR BODYMHon arm/leg (also plaster cast) a hard protective case that is put over your arm, leg etc because the bone is broken Murray has his leg in a cast.3 FOR SHAPING METALfor making a shape a mould (=hollow container) into which you pour liquid metal, plastic etc in order to make an object of a particular shape, or the object made in this waycast of Make a cast of the statue.4 somebody’s cast of mind5 IN FISHINGDSOfishing the act of throwing a fishing line into the water6 COLOURCOLOUR/COLORcolour literary a small amount of a particular colour Sage leaves have a silvery cast. 7 MIeye old-fashioned a problem with your eye which causes it to look sideways8 EARTHHBearth a small pile of earth that a worm produces on the surface of the groundCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa strong cast (=a lot of good actors)The play has a strong cast of new young actors.a talented castIt's a fantastic production with an enormously talented cast.an all-star/a star-studded/a stellar cast (=a lot of very famous actors)The movie features an all-star cast.a supporting cast (=all the actors except the main ones)There’s also a fine supporting cast.verbshave a castThe play had a cast of almost unknown actors.head the cast (=be the main actor)Al Pacino heads the cast of this political thriller.cast + NOUNa cast member/a member of the castEveryone remembers the cast members of 'Friends’.the cast list (=list of members)The movie has an impressive cast list.
Examples from the Corpus
castWhy don't you have a cast?Mandy has to have her arm in a cast for six weeks.Films like 'Ben Hur' were made with a cast of thousands.Given a great script and cast, Steven Soderbergh is unsurpassed as a storyteller.The entire cast of the play deserves praise for this performance.The granite columns give a pinkish cast to the base of the building.McIntosh's work consists of plaster casts of the artist's own face.The recipes come from an all-star cast of contributors, each a specialist in his or her own right.And the cast is fairly strong.Combined with the near-sleepwalking tendencies of the cast, this rendering offered few hair-raising moments on the vocal Richter scale.The cast includes Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith.all-star castThe recipes come from an all-star cast of contributors, each a specialist in his or her own right.An all-star cast includes Orson Welles and George Sanders.Make ... castReaumur was concerned also with trying to make cast iron less brittle.