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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclimbclimb1 /klaɪm/ ●●● W2 verb  1 move up/down [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]CLIMB to move up, down, or across something using your feet and hands, especially when this is difficult to do Harry climbed the stairs. Boys were climbing trees along the river bank.climb up/down/along etc The wall is too high to climb over. They climbed up into the loft of the old barn.2 temperature/prices etc [intransitive]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT to increase in number, amount, or level syn go up The temperature has climbed steadily since this morning. Inflation climbed 2% last month.climb to The divorce rate had climbed to almost 30% of all marriages.3 with difficulty [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]SLOW to move into, out of, or through something slowly and awkwardly The bus pulled in, and we climbed aboard.climb through/over/into etc John climbed through the window into the kitchen. I turned the TV on and climbed into bed.4 path/sun/plane [intransitive]UP to move gradually to a higher position The roller coaster climbs 91 feet and reaches speeds of 45 miles an hour.climb into/up etc The path climbs high into the hills. The plane climbed to 11,600 feet to try to get above the clouds.5 sport [intransitive, transitive]DSOCLIMB to climb mountains or rocks as a sport Hillary and Tenzing were the first men to climb Mount Everest. She loves to hike and climb. climbing6 plant [intransitive]UP to grow up a wall or other structureclimbing rose/plant 7 in a list [intransitive, transitive]SUCCESSFUL to move higher in a list of teams, records etc as you become more popular or successful syn riseclimb to The song climbed to number two in the US charts.8 in your life/job [intransitive, transitive]SUCCESSFUL to move to a better position in your social or professional life Steve climbed rapidly in the sales division. men who climbed the career ladder in the 1980s9 be climbing the wallsTHESAURUSclimb to move up, down, or across something using your hands and feetMost kids love climbing trees.Several fans climbed onto the roof of the arena to get a better view.She climbed down the ladder.ascend formal to climb up somethingHe began to ascend the narrow winding staircase.the first man to ascend Mount Everestgo up to climb up something such as a slope or stairsHe went up the steps to the platform.Sonia was quiet as they went up the hill.scale formal to climb to the top of something such as a high wall or fenceSomehow the men had scaled the twenty-foot wall without setting off the alarm.Protestors scaled the walls of the building and hung banners.Rescuers had to scale a one-thousand-foot cliff before they could reach the injured climber.clamber to climb somewhere with difficulty, using your hands to help youAt last we saw the two girls clambering down the slope to safety.Everyone clambered onto the back of the truck.scramble to climb somewhere quickly and with difficulty, using your hands to help you, especially when you are walkingThey scrambled up the steep rocky bank. climb down→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
climbSales have climbed 11% this quarter.Trying not to look down, Alan began to climb.Burglars climbed a chain-link fence to gain access to the building.Woolworth Corp. climbed as much as 7 / 8 to 10 3 / 4.Now drop left to avoid the guard, while climbing back up left and collecting a crate.The burglar escaped by climbing down a drainpipe.We saw a group of people climbing El Capitan in Yosemite.The geese climbed high above us and set off on their long journey south.The path climbs high into the hills above the village of Glenridding.There were roses bedded out, climbing in flower beds, in pots and cut.We climbed into the cockpit to face the morning sun.As the plane began to climb Karen started to feel ill.We don't climb Munros because we are not climbers.Several fans climbed onto the roof of the arena to get a better view.The road climbs steadily, reaching 6,000 feet after 18 miles.Demand for goods grew and imports climbed steadily.Towards the end of the season Benfica suddenly climbed the league table and finished third.The original estimate of $500 million has now climbed to a staggering $1300 million.Jinju stayed awhile longer before climbing to her feet.Jennifer Lopez's new single has climbed to number two in the US charts.Temperatures are expected to climb to record levels this weekend.Instead, the Dow Jones industrial average climbed to still another record high.The kids love climbing trees.Most kids love climbing trees.Ivy climbed up the front of the building.One of the boys lost his footing as he was climbing up the steepest part of the cliff.climb up/down/along etcMy room is on top of a cloth-shop and I have to climb up a flight of dark stairs to get to it.Now all Madame Butterfly had to do was climb down a piece of wood twice her height and fly free.We can not fly, that is certain; neither can we climb down into this great ditch.Before that, Donahue climbed down the iron rungs sticking out the sides of the manhole.A hedgehog tries to climb up the net and when it hears you approach it promptly rolls up into a ball.Mike and Jen climbed up the side of this hill and kept bending over, looking at rocks.We would have been satisfied with the climb up the Wellenkuppe but it was so early, the sky so clear.Republicans think Fazio is climbing up the wrong broadcasting tower.climb toU2's new album has climbed to number two in the record charts.Dreyer's climb to power in city government has been astonishing.Stock prices climbed to record levels on Friday.climb through/over/into etcOutside, he climbed into a new minibus.Go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes, climbing over him, explaining each time that you have a prostate problem.Phillis began to climb over him.After great difficulty, she brought the boat close enough so that the young man could climb into it.Something else, something as he passed the door of the Volvo to climb into the boot.Without glancing back at the house, he climbed into the cab of the Land Rover.Ahab fears his own feelings and thus, he climbs into the mast head himself in order to watch for the whales.He climbed over the refrigerators and dropped into the straw beside her.climb into/up etcHe climbed into bed and lay on his side, not moving and scarcely breathing.They can often be seen climbing up creosoted telegraph-poles in a vain search for food.We climb up granite bluffs overlooking vast beds of mussel and seaweed, from which we search the horizon for unknown islands.Emmie had climbed into her hiding place on the roof of the old summer-house, to smoke.He watched her intently as she per-formed this habitual act-then climbed into her lap and let her hold him.Without glancing back at the house, he climbed into the cab of the Land Rover.They climbed into the car and she took off at maximum golf cart speed.Below us the narrow road twisted upon itself as it began to climb up through the steep foothills.climbing rose/plantThe gold-winning Country Living entry celebrated her work with a nostalgic cottage-garden full of lupins, irises and climbing roses.The house is softened by sprawls of climbing roses.It was covered with climbing plants, and clearly had not been used for years.It has been replaced with trellis which is planted with variegated euonymus, five clematis, a climbing rose and evergreen honeysuckles.The patio was flanked by ancient brick walls covered in climbing plants and variegated ivy.Pyracanthas have three seasons of interest but here they are augmented by a climbing rose in a suitably harmonious shade.The skeletons of climbing roses, not yet in bud, trailed in a regimented way against a wall.Trellis supports a climbing rose up a wall and hanging baskets also take the eye upwards.climbed the ... ladderHe climbed the ladder and studied his face for half an hour in the silver disc that was his halo.Born in a small mining village near Glenrothes, he has climbed the ladder by learning his craft.He climbed the ladder, testing each rung carefully.I washed up and climbed the ladder to the attic.