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climbclimb2 ●●○ noun  1 movement upwardsCLIMB [countable usually singular] a process in which you move up towards a place, especially while using a lot of effort a long steady climb to the top2 increaseINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT [countable usually singular] an increase in value or amount The dollar continued its climb against the yen.climb in a steady climb in house prices3 improvementSUCCESSFUL [countable usually singular] the process of improving something, especially your professional or social position a slow climb out of the recessionclimb to the Labour Party’s climb to power4 list/competitionUP [singular] a process in which someone or something reaches a higher position in a list or in a competition because of being popular or successful the Giants’ climb from twelfth to fifth in the league the song’s steady climb up the charts5 rock/mountainDSO [countable] a steep rock, cliff, or mountain that you climb up one of the hardest rock climbs in the world
Examples from the Corpus
climbIt is logical to narrate a climb from the valley upwards.Hartzell claim improved take-off and climb performance, reduced noise and vibration, and better ground clearance.Routes here provide some of the best climbs at their standard in Britain.He twisted a leg around the rope to rest his hands, then continued his climb.The dollar continued its climb against the Japanese yen.Soon another major climb will begin.Atlanta's climb from the bottom of the league to first place has increased ticket sales.The track downhill was worse than the climb.P and Nasdaq resumed their climbs after the July 19 drop -- but money flow into both kept declining.Mount Rainier is a tough climb.It's a steep uphill climb all the way to the top.climb inThere has been a steady climb in house prices.