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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdunkdunk /dʌŋk/ verb  1 [transitive]DF to quickly put something into a liquid and take it out again, especially something you are eating Jill dunked her ginger biscuit in her tea. I dunked my head under the water and scrubbed at my hair.see thesaurus at put2 DSS[transitive] American English to push someone under water for a short time as a joke syn duck British English3 DSO[intransitive, transitive] to jump up by the basket and throw the ball down into it in basketball dunk for apples at apple(3), → slam dunkdunk noun [countable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dunkOur day started with my brewing coffee with the beans Jean-Claude ground, and buttering lengths of baguette to dunk.Bill dunked a piece of bread in the soup.The old men sit around the table talking and dunking donuts into their coffee.My daughter likes to dunk her biscuits in my tea.Then she dunked her right hand in a bowl of ice to numb the cramping.The Lakers got within a point with 27. 6 seconds left after Eddie Jones dunked home a Johnson lob.We stayed right with him, though, because at last Seve dunked in a long one.The luscious claw meat especially, dunked in butter, is dangerously good.Some were plucked from the seas more than two centuries ago and dunked in ship's rum to keep them from rotting.But when her muzzle was dunked in the water almost over her nostrils, the temptation became too much.She was denied food and sleep, shocked with electricity and dunked into vats of water until she nearly drowned.Keefe dunked to bring Stanford's lead to 10 points.