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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfalconerfal‧con‧er /ˈfɔːlkənə $ ˈfælkənər/ noun [countable]  DSOHBAsomeone who trains falcons to hunt
Examples from the Corpus
falconerThe flying display, with a falconer, showed how they could be controlled, even in free flight.It wasn't that he was a bad falconer.I thought the king was hunting with his greyhounds or Flemish falconers.He and his falconer go out perhaps once in a week along the ridge towards the Roman road from Shrewsbury.The hawks had brought down many strange species over the centuries and the falconers had, very painstakingly, taken notes.Hodgesaargh the falconer was getting ready in the tiny room next door when he felt the change in the air.The falconers of Lancre knew a lot about birds.