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floatfloat2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TTCvehicle a large vehicle that is decorated to drive through the streets as part of a special event We stood and watched the Carnival floats drive past.2 drink American EnglishDFD a sweet drink that has ice cream floating in it3 float.jpg DSOfor fishing a small light object that floats on the surface of the water, used by people trying to catch fish to show where their line is4 DSSfor swimming a flat light object that you can rest part of your body on in water to help you learn to swim5 BBTmoney a small amount of money that someone in a shop keeps so that they have enough money to give change to people 6 business a time when shares in a company are made available for people to buy for the first time syn flotation7 relaxation a time when you sit in a flotation tank in order to treat illness or injury, or to relax
Examples from the Corpus
floatThe floral extravaganza featured 55 floats, 30 equestrian units and 24 marching bands.a root-beer floatThe amount provided in the original cash float is deducted and placed in a separate banker's bag.A glass fishing float, five hundred miles from the sea.She might even make room for Louise on her float.There were to be no marching bands, no floats, no politicians waving from convertibles, no clowns tossing candy.They came back on a parade float of prodigal love and public money, promising entertainment, nostalgia and success.You can see the Rose Parade floats being made.