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flyfly3 verb (flied, flying, flies) [intransitive]  DSBto hit a ball in baseball high into the air→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
flyThis is when the pilots who have been hibernating during the winter months get their gliders out and start flying again.Stop flying before it becomes too windy to move or fly the glider.By the end of the year he had converted to twin-engined fighters, joining 252 Squadron to fly Blenheim IVFs and Beaufighters.The number of training sorties flown by its pilots had dropped 7. 8 percent a year for nearly a decade.I managed to roll clear just as it flew off into the air, never to be seen again.A revenue passenger mile is one paying passenger flown one mile.Her fa-ther stood up, and the magpie, delighted, flew round and round with a marvelous clatter.Her heart broke and her soul flew to heaven.