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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheavyweightheav‧y‧weight /ˈheviweɪt/ noun [countable]  1 IMPORTANTsomeone or something that is very important or has a lot of influence one of the heavyweights of the movie industry2 DSOa boxer who weighs more than 91 kilograms, and who belongs to the heaviest weight class of boxers
Examples from the Corpus
heavyweightHe was a huge man in his early thirties who had been for a time a heavyweight boxer.I am over six foot tall and a former heavyweight boxing champion.Intellectual heavyweights will be debating what is one of the most important issues or our time.He was compared to Proust and other literary heavyweights.political heavyweightsAnd just as with the customs men of Miyako, the large, square heavyweights were like children on a holiday.Pham Van Dong, perspiring as the heavyweights encircled him, now accepted a partition at the sixteenth parallel.In terms of image the heavyweights are the heavyweights.He was a thug when he came off the streets with explosive fists to become the youngest heavyweight champ ever.