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hunthunt2 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 CATCHan occasion when people chase animals in order to kill or catch themlion/rhino/stag etc hunt2 [usually singular]LOOK FOR a search for someone or something that is difficult to findhunt for the hunt for the missing childthe hunt is on (=used to say that people have started looking for someone or something)murder hunt (=a search for a person who has killed someone)have a hunt around for something British English informal (=look for something) I’ll have a hunt around for it in my desk. treasure hunt, witch-hunt3 DSOa sporting event in Britain in which people ride on horses and hunt foxes using dogs4 DSOin Britain, a group of people who regularly hunt foxes together
Examples from the Corpus
huntHow do you make a film of a man faking a documentary about a lion hunt?Police have launched a nationwide hunt for the killer.What had started out as a quest for metallic hydrogen now became a serious hunt for fusion.Sometimes such hunts are dismissed and sometimes not.Essentially Britain is abandoning the hunt for cannabis smugglers and dealers in a dramatic relaxation of policy on the drug.The hunters were not even breaking even, yet the hunt continued despite the falling catches.lion/rhino/stag etc huntHow do you make a film of a man faking a documentary about a lion hunt?It is illustrated with drawings of buffalo, giraffe, warthog and camp scenes, and describes a rhino hunt.The Legislature banned lion hunting in 1972, and voters afforded special protection with an initiative approved in 1990.California has not allowed mountain lion hunting for nearly 25 years.The controversy is heating up just days after voters overwhelmingly turned down a ballot proposition to increase mountain lion hunting.I have also started to write about the lion hunt organized by Claudia for Waindell Leavitt.Much of the money went to airing the videotape of the lion hunt, shot in Idaho six years ago.The laibon believes that he can pinpoint the beginning of his troubles to this lion hunt.the hunt is onThe haul is worth more a hundred thousand pounds and the hunt is on for the owners.