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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjavelinjav‧e‧lin /ˈdʒævəlɪn/ noun  1 DSO[countable] a long stick with a pointed end, thrown as a sport2 the javelin
Examples from the Corpus
javelinProcris had given Cephalus a javelin that never failed to strike what it was aimed at.After a few laps of the track we could kick a ball about or even have a go at throwing a javelin.A few weeks later he married the Czech javelin champion, Dana Ingrova.The long jump, javelin and 800 are on the second.Through his training, he met Olympic javelin gold medallist Tessa Sanderson.Dana won the gold medal in the javelin.Cephalus looking keenly around saw something move in the thicket ahead and threw the javelin.They threw their javelins and the hind vanished.