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jogjog2 noun [singular]  1 DSORUNa slow steady run, especially done as a way of exercising He set off along the riverbank at a jog. Mike goes for a two-mile jog every morning.2 PUSHa light knock or push done by accident
Examples from the Corpus
jogJogging is the only sport both Dave and I enjoy.It's surprising how many joggers you see in the park in the mornings.I always feel better after a jog around the park.The first jog round the block got his heart racing and gave him an appetite.On his jog around 41, he stopped and told people like Strauss and Gutfreund how well the deal had gone.Rowell incorporated photography into his morning jogs, and his feats have proved a cut above ever since.Do 20 walking jogs on the spot, raising your arms up and down at the sides. 13-14.Do 20 walking jogs, raising the arms up and down.Then jog properly for as long as possible.