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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjoggerjog‧ger /ˈdʒɒɡə $ ˈdʒɑːɡər/ noun [countable]  DSOsomeone who runs slowly and steadily as a way of exercising a jogger out for his early morning run
Examples from the Corpus
joggerFormerly an avid jogger and weight-lifter, Turner leans on a cane to walk around her small apartment on good days.A tall bald jogger was behind the other but gaining.Memory jogger Caps Lock will only type letters in upper case.Memory jogger To cancel a command before completing it, tap Esc for Escape.In these latter days of exercise and fitness, the joggers all waved in the appearance of neighborly affection.I keep my eye on the jogger suit.The jogger calculates the length of her stride and determines her desired speed.The jogger ran off to call the Police.