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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishknockoutknock‧out1 /ˈnɒk-aʊt $ ˈnɑːk-/ noun [countable]  1 DSOwhen a boxer hits his opponent so hard that he falls down and cannot get up again The fight ended in a knockout.2 informalBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGSEXY someone or something that is very attractive or successful Her dress was a knockout.3 COMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEATa type of competition in which only the winning players or teams at each stage continue to play until there is only one winner
Examples from the Corpus
knockoutRated G.. Toy Story A knockout.Sunday's concert was a knockout.She was a knockout in gym shorts.A fight could end three ways: by knockout, surrender or by intervention of the referee.Leslie's a real knockout.Barrera won by an eighth-round knockout but Cook frustrated him at times.It leaves the ring on a stretcher; the result is a first-round knockout.