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lodgelodge2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TBBa small house on the land of a large country house, usually at the main entrance gate2 TBBa room or small building at the entrance to a college, institution etc for someone whose job is to watch who enters and leaves the porter’s lodge3 DSOa house or hotel in the country or mountains where people can stay when they want to go hunting, shooting etc4 a local meeting place for some organizations, or the group of people who belong to one of these organizations He was a member of a Masonic lodge.5 HBAa beaver’s home6 American EnglishTBB a traditional home of Native Americans, or the group of people that live in it
Examples from the Corpus
lodgeFor the isolated detached property, situated in a few acres of land, is a cemetery lodge.a Masonic lodgeThere was a bell-pull connected up to a small porter's lodge inside.a ski lodgeLake Star Lodge has rooms for a reasonable price.Apaches from four reservations constructed several structures: a ramada, a sweat lodge and a wickiup covered with bunched yucca strips.She brushed by him and dashed up the stairs of the lodge.He made everything you see, the Tuthanach, the lodge ... the totems.The lodge itself, he said, was nothing fancy.