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lurelure2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 [usually singular]ATTRACT something that attracts people, or the quality of being able to do thislure of the lure of easy money Malc wasn’t mature enough to resist the lure of drink and drugs.2 DSOan object used to attract animals or fish so that they can be caught syn decoy
Examples from the Corpus
lureHis descriptions of everything from lures to reels to fish finders read like they are straight out of a company press release.But the lure of this historical explanation is to be resisted.I had felt the lure of the unexplored, the compulsion to go where others had not been.I start reeling in the lure.I started moving the lure when it was already in her beak, but before she could tear it.Rudolf had some notion of the lure and the seduction of all that.She explains why these girls need love, direction, education, a way out of the lures of gang life.Suddenly a fish took the lure.