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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorienteeringo‧ri‧en‧teer‧ing /ˌɔːriənˈtɪərɪŋ, ˌɒri- $ ˌɔːriənˈtɪr-/ noun [uncountable]  DSOa sport in which people have to find their way quickly across an area in the countryside that they do not know, using a map and a compass
Examples from the Corpus
orienteeringContact:. 5 Have a go at orienteering in Calderdale.Try your hand at orienteering on an informal afternoon event aimed at families and beginners in the Oldbury Hill area of Kent.Members of orienteering clubs in the region will be on hand to help you get started.Climbing, abseiling, sailing, orienteering, canoeing, catering for individuals or groups.Contact:. 12-13 Try orienteering weekend.The first problem arose when we were orienteering on bicycles one morning.