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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_275_cpursepurse1 /pɜːs $ pɜːrs/ ●●● S3 noun  1 [countable] a) especially British EnglishDC a small bag in which women keep paper money, coins, cards etc syn wallet American English Julie opened her handbag and took out her purse. b) (also change purse, coin purse American English) a small bag used to hold coins, used especially by women2 [countable] American EnglishDC a bag in which a woman carries her money and personal things syn handbag British English I locked the door and dropped the keys in my purse.3 [singular] formalBF the amount of money that a person, organization, or country has available to spend Election expenses are met from the public purse (=money controlled by the government). A visit to the new county museum will set the family purse back by around £12.4 [countable]DSO the amount of money given to someone who wins a sports event, such as a boxing match or a car race They will compete for a $100,000 purse.5 the purse strings
Examples from the Corpus
purseMilton Berle wore a wig and a dress as he battered a policeman with a purse.A purse was stolen from a vehicle.A purse was taken at gunpoint.She reached into a small clutch purse, pulled out a plastic bag and threw up into it.Trading in works of art needs a deep purse and long-time backing.I can never find anything in my purse.They act as guardians of the public purse when dealing with members of spending departments who seek additional resources.The same hopes as any other pensioner, unless of course that pensioner happens to hold the purse strings.Either there is money in the purse or there is not, etc.Income from the new sales tax will go into the purse and will pay for the sports complex.The purse for Friday's title fight is more than $50 million.the public purseWhy should he - or anyone - be allowed to abuse the public purse?His mere re-election can be relied on to revive the market and solve those problems - without costing the public purse one penny.Haze says his plan would help small businesses without draining the public purse.And all was to come from the public purse.They act as guardians of the public purse when dealing with members of spending departments who seek additional resources.Several key projects are at risk if Railtrack's demands on the public purse increase.Clearly, this case was an outrageous fraud on the public purse.If rectification were refused, the public purse would be saved the burden of paying an indemnity.That will not impose any great burden upon the public purse.