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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrodrod /rɒd $ rɑːd/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TBCa long thin pole or barsteel/iron/wooden etc rod The walls are reinforced with steel rods. a measuring rod2 fishing_equipment.jpg DSODLOa long thin pole used with a line and hook for catching fish syn fishing rod hot rod, lightning rod, → rule somebody/something with a rod of iron at rule2(5)
Examples from the Corpus
rodSamples can be hung on a rod, in slotted pockets or placed on a lectern.He was adept with his hands, a talented artist, and a skilled fisherman who made his own flies and rods.The organization quickly built the largest membership of any rod and gun club in Arizona.A further use of carbon rod is for sail battens to control flutter, or to improve sail shape.The central rod is known as the Sushumna and corresponds to the spinal column.a curtain roda fishing rodHe fails to make it, for I make an equally massive surge with the rod in the opposite direction.The rods are held by tapered sections connected to the bottom boom of the gable frame.As is the norm with most modern acoustics, the truss rod is again adjusted from inside the soundhole.steel/iron/wooden etc rodThe Phantom looks simple: A thimble is attached to a jointed arm made of black steel rods.He hugged the banister, counting its bar-like wooden rods until he reached the turn where it met the wall.There is also a matrix of wooden rods, metal pipes, and other objects in various configurations and depths.It led to the birth of the jumper a slender iron rod with a chisel-end forged by the mine smiths.To give it strength in compression and tension, steel rods were embedded in the concrete.The following day, the doctors pin together her bone with three tiny steel rods that will stay in her hand for ever.Each side has a cast iron arch in 7 segments from which the iron trough is hung by 35 wrought iron rods.Tapestries hung from ornamental wrought-iron rods that looked like antique weaponry.