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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrugbyrug‧by /ˈrʌɡbi/ ●●● S3 (also rugby football) noun [uncountable]  DSOan outdoor game played by two teams with an oval (=egg-shaped) ball that you kick or carry
Examples from the Corpus
rugbyThe Human Piranha was short and square, like the hooker on a rugby team.I have heard of three deaths during rugby matches in the seven years I have been secretary, but nothing like this.He claimed players applying for reinstatement should not be prejudiced by the amount of money they received from rugby league.Very few people want to play rugby league.First though it's rugby and crunch time in the Courage League tomorrow.The rugby club are helping with the organisation.A seven-hour festival of youth rugby will be staged at Bristol's Memorial Ground next Sunday.