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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrumscrum /skrʌm/ noun  1 [countable]DSO a part of a game of rugby when the players all push together in a circle, with their heads down, and try to get the ball2 [singular] British English informalPUSH a crowd of people who are all close together and pushing each other to try to get something He struggled through the scrum of people to the kitchen.
Examples from the Corpus
scrumQuite the reverse, in such a scrum its historical dominance secures advantages.At the same time all the adults rushed to the kill, piling into a fierce scrum for meat.Ballymena did most of the pressing in the first period with their pack driving well in the loose and set scrums.The North have both the motivation and the coordination behind the scrum to brush aside a rebuilt Midlands team.The steam and sweat of the scrum - the source of all endeavour!