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sit-upˈsit-up British English, situp American English /ˈsɪtʌp/ noun [countable]  DSOan exercise to make your stomach muscles strong, in which you sit up from a lying position, while keeping your feet on the floorcrunch Jerry says he does two hundred sit-ups a day.
Examples from the Corpus
sit-upToe touches and sit-ups should be avoided; they are particularly harmful to anyone who has osteoporosis in the spine.Then he did exercises he had learned in the Armystraddle jumps, deep knee bends, sit-ups and push-up.He also did sit-ups, but not in front of me.An acute attack of dizziness while doing my sit-ups.The sit-ups start with the back off the board, and end before the upper body reaches the vertical position.Before you think it's too late to do those sit-ups, though, think again.I could get away with only forty twist sit-ups.