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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishskiski1 /skiː/ ●●○ noun (plural skis) [countable]  1 DSOone of a pair of long thin narrow pieces of wood or plastic that you fasten to your boots and use for moving on snow or on water ski slopes a ski resort (=where people can go skiing)2 TTa long thin narrow piece of strong material, fastened under a small vehicle so that it can travel on snow
Examples from the Corpus
skiWidespread deforestation to make way for ski slopes has eroded topsoil, increasing the incidence of avalanches.The village boasts an ice rink, nursery ski school and boutiques, hotels and restaurants.Within the hall, simulators allow visitors to experience the excitement of a bobsled run or ski jump.Organized ski treks exist, their routes following set trails with accommodation enroute.Men and women are segregated on the beaches and even the ski slopes.Pappas was shot by two men wearing ski masks.